Thursday, April 28, 2011

at first, my husband pick up this book from the bookshelf. he read it for a few pages and handed it to me. with remarks "i've read it for few pages and i still dont know what the story is all about. well...let me remind you all readers..the author is women, the main character is women though they have the other male character, the language itself was decorated for women therefore my dear husband, i understand you.
however the experiance for me was quite different. i found this book quite fascinating beside the slow storyline. at first i felt that it is like reading a book with beautiful language with no story. but..after pages i felt drawn to read this book. it feels like i was in the same room, experince the same intense, listen to the same music. prove 1. i do ask my S.I.L to google harpischord for me. 2. out of curiositycoming from the book i youtube harpischord with bach. 3. i feels like playing the recorder (maybe can ask music teacher in my school to teach me...)
star ***