Wednesday, February 2, 2011


why i like doing those 3 activities? i did most of it at school and some at other places. why??? teachers at school always asking the same questions. some comes with curiousity, some with grey sarcasm, and some with vividly wanting me doing it for them too...sooo...why?
the answer is.... that is one way i can be there but not being there. pretend that i listen but not listen. make them think that i participate but the truth is i dont even care or bother. again...there's a new question arrive. why?
again my answer is, i do not want to hear watever u ols say...ok! why??? again they made me feels down, useless, incompetent, and the list go on. once in a while is accepted. not saying that i am lack of confident. but sometimes i feel useless, incompetent and down. rasa seperti tidak berguna...even if i die today, world wouldnt change a bit. people would be less miserable with me being around. owh...people will always be people...for whatever reason we have to accept it. not to whine and not to be dragged along. why...?? because we are for what we have done before.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

suda lama tidak membaca...

owh....this cny me and my husband ke langkawi...sangat seronok dan penat. duit juga agak byk habis. neway...sampai di kedah we went to uum to submit my asgnment to dr ishak. down to memory lane jugak kot...syahdu sgt tgk uum. tringat masa2 study dulu. tensi, penat, excited, drama, gaduh, baik, sumer ader. ok...sbb time pegi tu ada ekspo kebudayaan kat Mall. so...nampak la...jln susur yang selalu sangat lalu after kuliah. from library to mall to tmpt nek bas nk blk kolej.sometimes jalan jer..well..nak citer asal lib uum yang sangat bessstttt!!! 4 5...camtu ah...selalu after kuliah akan jalan ke library dan lepak kat situ sampai 3-4-5 hours. tgk la...buat aper kat situ? pegang asgment sket jer..yang byk ialah dok kat area novels and biblio sections. sangat2 la best, dok kat tgkat atas skali, senyap, layan buku, nothing to worry...yang bestnyer,..library uum nie leh pinjam sampai 10 books. pastuh kalo nk anta bleh drop jer...tayah masuk situ. canggih....dan sgt praktikal kalo nk mintak tlg org antakan buku.

p/s: owh...kalo rakan2 teyl masih igt..novel "the nanny" di rotate dikalangan teyl sahaja untuk dibaca di bilik kuliah time lec mengajar. tak sempat hantar ke libraryb pon kan? hahaha