Saturday, March 4, 2017

Weekend mommy's style

Today we have to visits to do.  The ortho and the dentist. The first trip was the dentist. Dentist coudnt do the filing on yasmin tooth because it was too deep but too small. Couldn't simply take it out. Apparently, gigi geraham can only be removed at the age of 10. - solution - berus gigi every after meal and consume oral meds as pain killer hurm
.big no if not too much🙅. Or... Second opinion. So we choose to have the second opinion.
Next is the ortho. Went there at 12 but the doc wasnt in. He was on the OT. So we went out for lunch and came back after. It took only few minutes . Dic said ok. A few bend after broken bones is fine. Try to make fist. Ask us to give it until 6mths.
Summing up. Yasmin didn't get on her histerical mood even she looks so nervous. Even asked me to take photographs of her.
*But nuha manage to spill the whole laici water in the clinic. Sooo much for not spoiling my good image. Hahahah

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