first love

my thought: this story is about a persian girl in the background of 17th century. her hardship in life when her father died and she cannot provide a dowry for a husband. her future was dark because women at that time was destined to be a wife and produce children. with her bleek future she went to a stanger uncle whom she never met. there, the girl and her mother was place in a tiny room for servant for the uncle did not know that she had a precious hidden talent, rug knotting. her hands are magic, her fingers are midas for any rug she touch are more valuable than any of her uncle. okay, since i do not want to spoil the story, i just give u what i felt about this book. well it is surprising that the girl's name were not mention at all. the persian background was fascinating to me. while reading this, i always tot of it more like aladin's background. but i do have moments where i found the character was too stupid after what she's been through. but after all i enjoyed the novel and might read from the same author.
p/s i do feels somethings weird about her marriage contract, eventhough we are familiar with it, but the butcher she met also talked about this and only wants for few is okay?? hurm...
star: ***